Who can use Labyrinth?

Labyrinth product and infrastructure solution

Independent Users

Labyrinth provides users with a shielded account and an app to manage it.

Private Payments App

The Labyrinth app serves individual, institutional, and business users, making it easy to interact with the Labyrinth ecosystem and compliance dashboard.

Users can top up their shielded accounts, perform private P2P transactions, and securely receive crypto salaries.

The app displays private balances and transaction history, allowing users to prove ownership of their assets and transactions using viewing keys in a zero-knowledge manner for compliance.

Additionally, Labyrinth uses stealth addresses for transactions, enabling users to generate one-time, random-looking addresses to maintain their anonymity. Labyrinth is available via private beta access before the mainnet launch πŸš€.

For Developers

Developers can access SDK to create private, compliant applications, and integrate Labyrinth into their protocols.

Pluggable Privacy For DeFi Protocols, AI/ML, Social

The Labyrinth protocol allows both new and existing DeFi protocols to integrate easily.

Developers don’t need to change deployed contracts or have prior experience with zero-knowledge proofs (ZK). The SDK simplifies the process of creating private transactions and generating proofs.

Developers only need to write and deploy a simple contract that acts as a logic layer between Labyrinth and the core smart contract of the integrating protocol.

For more information, see the Labyrinth SDK.

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