Account Abstraction

Shielded Account as Smart Contract Account

Your shielded account, in implementation, is a smart contract that is agnostic to any EOA from which the transaction originated. This is because transactions are not verified by a signature by EOA. Rather, it is verified by a ZK proof. As long as proof is valid, the transaction is let through by the contract. Since the shielded account is a smart contract, the transactions sent via your Shielded Account are EIP-4337 (Account Abstraction) compatible. This allows it to reap UX benefits offered by it together with enhancing privacy.

The shielded account is capable of paying the transaction fee in any of the supported ERC-20 tokens and integrating protocols into zkFi may sponsor gas fees for their users who use Shielded Account to anonymously interact with their protocol.

Privacy is enhanced as transactions via zkFi default to AA. This enhances privacy for the users by avoiding paying gas fees with their EOA leading to the appearance of their address on-chain.

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