1️⃣Getting Started

The SDK is a monorepo of multiple packages that are dependencies to the core. These packages are:

  • @zkfi-tech/account: For handling and using the shielded account of a user.

  • @zkfi-tech/babyjubjub: Primitives for all the elliptic curve cryptography operations on the BabyJubJub curve.

  • @zkfi-tech/transaction: For creation and handling of different kinds of transactions in the protocol.

  • @zkfi-tech/zk-prover: For facilitating the generation of zkSNARK proof given transaction details.

  • @zkfi-tech/services: Multiple services utilized in the protocol like address resolver, Merkle tree builder, events fetcher, etc.

  • @zkfi-tech/utils: Common utilities used across the different packages.

  • @zkfi-tech/shared-types: TypeScript types shared across the packages.

  • @zkfi-tech/core: The core that exposes the APIs for private transactions.

  • @zkfi-tech/react(Coming Soon): React components and hooks for easy usage in React apps.

However, you don't need to install all of the packages. Just install @zkfi-tech/core in your project using your package manager,

# pnpm
pnpm add @zkfi-tech/core

# yarn
yarn add @zkfi-tech/core

# npm
npm i @zkfi-tech/core

Now you can simply import and use the SDK in your project,

import { CoreOptions, Core } from '@zkfi-tech/core';

const opts: CoreOptions = { ... }

const zkfi = new Core(opts);

Before we move further into usage, let's clear a couple of concepts in the next sections so you can use it effectively!

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